Hi, I'm Julian.
I'll help convert your ideas to the digital frontier.

Who I am & what I do

I'm Julian an Orlando, Florida born web developer that also enjoys web design. I make PHP web applications that are smart, efficient & engaging while providing a gorgeous front-end experience with XHTML, CSS3, jQuery on any device.

Case Studies

Orlando Kayak Fishing Club

Save Our Lagoon

Team Tactics Network


Creating Ajax calls with JavaScript

Dec 06 2013

A quick guide to create a simple ajax call in JavaScript. As well as an example of a fluent interfaces object.

PHP Tutorial: The Wonderful World of XML Parsers

Aug 07 2013

Basic background, understanding, misconceptions & usage of XML parsers in PHP

PHP Tutorial: The Gates of Regex

May 25 2013

A quick guide to get you started in the perplexing world of regex

PHP Security: How to safely store your passwords

May 22 2012

Basic background, understanding, misconceptions & solutions to storing sensitive data in PHP

In the lab

Tutis Login or "Secure Login" is an php login/registration script written in OOP/PDO.

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