Hi, I'm Julian.
I'll help convert your ideas to the digital frontier.

Who I am & what I do

I'm Julian an Orlando, Florida born web developer that also enjoys web design. I make PHP web applications that are smart, efficient & engaging while providing a gorgeous front-end experience with html, css and javascript on any device.

Case Studies

Gaming On Linux.com

Orlando Kayak Fishing Club (Redesign)

Orlando Kayak Fishing Club

Save Our Lagoon

Team Tactics Network


Create a LEMP Stack on Debian/Ubuntu + Security Tweaks

Apr 09 2015

Setup a robust and powerful LEMP server tweaked for security.

Creating Ajax calls with JavaScript

Dec 06 2013

A quick guide to create a simple ajax call in JavaScript. As well as an example of a fluent interfaces object.

PHP Tutorial: The Wonderful World of XML Parsers

Aug 07 2013

Basic background, understanding, misconceptions & usage of XML parsers in PHP

PHP Tutorial: The Gates of Regex

May 25 2013

A quick guide to get you started in the perplexing world of regex

PHP Security: How to safely store your passwords

May 22 2012

Basic background, understanding, misconceptions & solutions to storing sensitive data in PHP

In the lab

  ______                   __   __
 /_  __/_____ ___   _____ / /_ / /___
  / /  / ___// _ \ / ___// __// // _ \
 / /  / /   /  __/(__  )/ /_ / //  __/
/_/  /_/    \___//____/ \__//_/ \___/

Trestle is an objected-oriented database wrapper for the PHP programming language. It's designed to handle multiple database connections with different kinds of database drivers. The beauty of Trestle is that it uses the same syntax for all database drivers.

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